Leadership, clear thinking, poise, confidence and the ability to organize facts are valuable parts of one’s education.  The purpose of this contest is to train FEC student to analyze problems, conduct thorough and relevant research, and to utilize the principles of argumentation and advocacy in orally presenting the most effective case for or against a given proposition.

Debate provides invaluable training in critical thinking, quick responses, defending worthy ideas and attacking invalid ideas. It teaches the student to tolerate other points of view.

THE PROPOSITION: The proposition for debate during the 2013 FEC Conference:

Resolved:  Undocumented students should have all of the same rights to education and school-based services as students who are American citizens.

Question to ponder: Should there be an advantage to being an American citizen in your high school?

2013 Debate Winners:

  • 1st Place – Allen Bergstedt & Bailey Rung (Blaine High School)
  • 2nd Place – Veronica Lara & Stormy St. Vincent (Rogers High School)
  • 3rd Place – Halima Bureentto & Maddy Earley (Fridley High School)

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