Essay Writing

The purpose of the essay competition is to provide students with an opportunity to express their views on a current topic in education in a written format.  Students will be given two (2) topics to choose from in order to write essays.

2013 Essay winners:

  • 1st Place – Asiya Youngmark (Fridley High School)
  • 2nd Place – Halina Sims (Fridley High School)
  • 3rd Place – Ibrahim Sareva (Rogers High School)

2013 Topic #1
Teachers must be prepared to help all students access knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, fulfilled adults. Discuss 3 things that would help prospective teachers prepare for this role.  Then discuss 3 things that would help current teachers become better in their role.

2013 Topic #2
How has homework supported your learning or been a barrier to your learning or motivation in high school? If you were a teacher, what would be your approach to homework?

Eligibility for Entry:

  • Entries are limited to three (3) entries per chapter.
  • Students entering the essay competition MUST be registered and present at the conference in order to participate.



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